2 Steps to Get More Out of Trade Shows

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Roadmap to Tradeshow Success

Nobody goes to a tradeshow expecting to be forgotten. Everyone wants to leave their mark and be remembered. The key to being remembered at a tradeshow is to provide memorable gifts. So many companies hand out the same swag every time. Attendees get t-shirts they’ll never wear, paper-weights that are never used, pens that they’ll lose on the way home, and keychains that just end up in the trash.

On occasion a company will go big and hand out a nice set of headphones or a tablet or a smartphone. Those companies are remembered, but those big gifts are expensive! However, there is a way to give meaningful, memorable gifts without breaking the bank. The key is the right planning and the right tools. This infographic goes over several strategies that will help you find success at your next event in a powerful and cost-effective manner. Give gifts that will get you leads, and make your tradeshow a great experience.

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 15:04:25.

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