200 Years of U.S. Immigration, in 1 Colorful Infographic

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In 1819, Congress upheld a law requiring that a attainment of all immigrants be recorded. Immigrant workers were needed, and a rest of a 19th century saw their numbers grow. From that duration by today, America has seen waves of immigration, that Natalia Bronshtein has prisoner in a colorful interactive graphic.

“The indicate of this cognisance … is to get a large design while preserving a ability to cavalcade down into a details,” Bronshtein tells CityLab around email. “Much has been pronounced and created about immigration to a U.S., though we wanted to get a birds-eye view, a reification of a issue, that would assistance me as we explored a subject further.”

When Bronshtein crunched a information from a annual of immigration statistics, she hadn’t approaching such visually thespian results. She says dual things immediately jumped out during her.

First, that immigration didn’t only keep inching adult once a inundate gates had opened—there were poignant bottlenecks caused by limiting immigration laws. The biggest can be seen right after a Immigration Act of 1924 was passed. This law limited people from Eastern and Southern Europe, Africa, a Middle East, and Asia from entrance to America.

Second, after World War II, a farrago of immigrants increased, again since of a law. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 private a nationality-based constraints put in place by prior legislation. That law has contributed to a America apropos a melting pot it is today, says Bronshtein, and all a new bands of colors in a cognisance in this time duration attest to that.

In a final decade or so, a biggest waves in a newcomer waves come from Mexico (below, top) and East Asian countries other than India and China (below, bottom):

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Check out a colorful interactive here.

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