48 VCs Who Turned Into Startup Founders

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Being an investor is significantly less stressful than being a founder. You get to enjoy the structure of a firm while putting only a fraction of your money on the line for people following their dreams. While founders are enraptured by the day-to-day of running a business, VCs are sitting back and enjoying the fruits of their labor without the intense schedule that comes with being an entrepreneur.

So why then are investors and VCs changing the tide and starting businesses all around the world? Because the spirit of an entrepreneur cannot be stifled byfinancial security and cushy offices. Venture capitalists are seeing the thrill and the drive of young and old founders alike and are inspired to take the leap into entrepreneurship with enthusiasm and gusto. Plus, with their vast experience in funding, these investors are prime candidates for successful businesses.

The key to their success lies in more than their collectively knowledge. While having experience in funding can help them get it themselves, having connections to this world of business ownership goes a long way in developing a brand. With former-employees of VC firms teaming up to create amazing companies, it’s no wonder 50 percent of former VC-started businesses are getting funding within the first year.

These former investors aren’t holding back when it comes to the types of business they are launching either. From SaaS to retail to enterprise security, having the experience of a former venture capitalist can go a long way in establishing a business in a popular market.

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The following infographic takes a comprehensive look at the number of former venture capitalists that have taken the leap into entrepreneurship. Coming from firms like Sequoia, Accel Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, a16z, RRE Ventures, Matrix Partners, Khosla Ventures, KPCB and many more, these new founders have made a large impact on their respective industries in the last 3 years.

This list of funders turned founders was cultivated from Tracxn’s Fab 15 list of investors. For more information about venture capitalists that have turned into entrepreneurs, they have a wide range of infographics that make things easier than ever.

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:32:05.

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