7 Practical Infographics to Help Your Everyday Life

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A good infographic is more than just words and pictures; it communicates information in a simple way, streamlining and organizing to make things easier to understand. In our modern lives, when time is of the essence and getting stuff done is high priority, good information design is especially important. These 7 infographics are handy guides for doing everyday things—and great examples of how information design can enhance our lives.

1) Basic Volume Conversion by She Knows


2) Hand Guide to Portion Control by GuardYourHealth.com


3) CAD Drinks by Shaan Hurley


4) Pairing Wine Food by Wine Folly


5) Planting Chart


6) Coffee Guide by Rianovosti


7) How to Choose Colours That Work Well Together by 123Print.UK



Originally posted 2015-11-01 11:58:04.

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