How Color Can Help Shape A Decision

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Our brains are crazy organs, especially when it comes to the triggers that prompt us to make a decision. So much psychology goes into decision making and that’s why there is a ton of science (and therefore data), on what gets people to make a decision, buy a product, click a button, or whatever it is you’re trying to get your audience to do.  Color is one way that our complex human brains judge things and guide us to choose one thing over another.

The people at Kissmetrics know a thing or two about how consumers make decisions. And lucky for us, they don’t keep what they learn under lock and key. The marketing analytics tool shares a lot of their ever expanding knowledge through their blog. And their co-founder and VP, Neil Patel, has shared his insights on growth hacking.

We know that color is important, but just how much of a role does it play in our every day decision making? Kissmetrics recently put out this infographic on how we can use color to affect a conversation. According to the research they have gathered, almost 93% of people say that how something looks to them is the top factor in decision making. The visual factor plays more of a part than taste or smell.

The infographic also claims:

  • 2 out of 3 consumers would not buy an appliance if it doesn’t come in their preferred color.
  • The famous Heinz green ketchup test led to $23 million in sales–the largest sales increase in brand history at that point.
  • Women are most positively influenced by blue, purple or green,
  • Men are most positively influenced by blue, black, or green
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This infographic might make you reconsider your next CTA button or logo.



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Originally posted 2016-01-23 05:37:44.

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