How Internet Behavior Shifted In 2015

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The mobile revolution has been the catalyst behind a shift in how people access the internetas well as user behaviors. From Millennials and digital natives who do everything from their mobile devices, to holidayshoppers using their mobile devices to do their research and find coupons, mobile has enabled people to take the Web with them everywhere they go.

An infographic from social sharing and analytics provider AddThis provides insights into the shifting behaviors of internet users in 2015. And despite evidence that thesmartphone market is slowing, it seems mobile is still taking over.

According to AddThis, mobile now accounts for more than half of all internet users worldwide. However, there are still some countries where people are more likely to use a desktop computer to access the internet including the U.S., Iceland and Cuba. Countries that over-indexed against the global baseline for mobile preference included Iraq, Syria, and Myanmar.

Accounting for 62 percent of daily shares, most social sharing still happens on desktop devices. However, mobile represents 38 percent of daily social shares, according to AddThis data, a 32 percent increase over 2014 data.

To see what kind of content is more likely to be shared from mobile or desktop and in what regions, check out the infographic below.

AddThis 2015 EOY Infographic

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Originally posted 2015-12-26 09:00:30.

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