See Which Devices Your Target Audience Is Using

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Device use varies from era to era formed on a activity.

Each era uses digital differently to devour calm and emporium for products and services, and marketers need to know these differences to aim their preferred audiences on the devices they are many expected to be using.

Millward Brown Digital surveyed some-more than 1,000 consumers in three generations (millennials, innate after 1980; Generation X, innate 1965-1980; and boomers, born from 1946-1964) to see how opposite age groups adored opposite screens for several activities.

“What a information demonstrates is that even with a modernized believe of digital today, advertisers and marketers can’t make assumptions about how several demographics and targets are regulating digital inclination and mobile to entrance content,” pronounced Joline McGoldrick, research executive during Millward Brown Digital. “It is easy to classify and contend a best approach to reach millennials is on mobile, though that is not always true. As a research shows, device usage varies from era to era formed on what a activity is. There needs to be a more granular bargain of how activity and form of calm dictates preferences for screen usage in sequence to make a truly effective and fit selling strategy.”

The investigate found that consumers still rest heavily on a laptop/PC for selling across categories. Millennials are a initial era to pull a pouch on mobile shopping, though still reach for their laptops for some categories depending on a volume of time indispensable and the importance of a task, a investigate noted.

This has implications for marketers, a investigate said: “Before we put all of your eggs in the mobile basket, cruise how your consumers rivet with your difficulty and optimize accordingly.”

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Infographic: Carlos Monteiro


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Originally posted 2015-04-14 18:25:56.

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