Is social media making you sick?

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Cold and flu season may have started but have you heard about “The Social Sickness” that some people may be suffering from? Marketo has published an infographic to highlight the social media bad habits that can send us to the social media hospital. Here are the patients – which ones do you suffer from?

The Alert-Lover

Your phone beeps everytime anything happens on social mediaretweets, shares, comments and more.

The Social Guru

Your business card says “Social Media Guru” and you join the thousands perhaps millions of other self-proclaimed gurus. Yes, as Marketo says, let’s just call ourselves “Human Beings”.

The Verb Creator

You take the phrase “I will Google…” to the next level. Instead your conversations are peppered with “I need to Instagram that” or “I will Facebook you..” or “Have you YouTubed this?”

The Vowel Hater

You sacrifice grammar, spelling or common decency to get the most out of the 140 characters permitted in Twitter which has spilled over into your emails, your blogs and more.

The Blog Referencer

Your answer to every question is “you should read my blog post about that.”

The Self-Proclaimed Influencer

You are obsessed with checking your influence level on every social-scoring site

The Multi-Mayor

You check in to every location you drive by.

The Liker

Instead of posting comments, you are quick to hit the “like” button.

The Constant Checker

You check your status, updates, blogs, etc. every two minutes on your phone  – 24/7.

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The Freak Out-er

You “freak out” whenever a social site goes down. For example, the sight of the whale on Twitter probably gives you hours of  anxiety.

See the full infographic below to enjoy the full descriptions of each habit and symptom. Which one are you and how will you use these to improve your B2B social media and lead generation strategies?


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Originally posted 2015-12-24 16:29:52.

Made sense to you? Share it now!

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