Make Your Home Office Work For You

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30 million people work from home at least once a week in the US, and that figure will inevitably continue to grow. With 79% of workers saying they would like to work at home at least occasionally, it’s time to rethink the home office – and make it work for you. Of course, one of the advantages of working from home is that you can control your environment and adapt it to best suit your needs.

Noise is possibly one of the biggest contributors to concentration – or distraction. While 65% of businesses say that music enables their employees to be more productive, office noise can also cause productivity to drop by up to 66%. Getting this balance right in both a workplace and a home office can be tricky, with short bursts of music sometimes a better motivator than a continuous background accompaniment. Working from home at least allows you to alter your surroundings immediately, and prevent the latest maddening earworm from setting in!

The way in which you structure your work-time and break-time can also have a big impact on your productivity level. Some people benefit from regular short breaks or ‘mini-breaks’ – even a 15 second break can be beneficial in warding off tiredness. When working from home, there may also be less pressure to stick to a rigorous schedule of work and rest – this requires you to be strict with yourself and ensure you’re still meeting all your goals.

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This handy infographic from OKA Direct demonstrates a whole range of changes and additions you can make, to ensure you’re getting the best out of your home office.

What factors impact on your effectiveness when working from home? Do you listen to music or prefer silence?


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Originally posted 2016-01-20 09:10:12.

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