Sports General Managers: How to do More With Less

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The job of a General Manager is to build a consistently competitive team, while keeping resources for the future as well. The job is easy, when the team has money. The challenge is doing the job on a budget. A big influence on the world of General Management is the 2003 Michael Lewis book “Moneyball,” which is about “the art of winning an unfair game.” The book is about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s, an example of a cost-effective GM. Nowadays, new steps are being taken to increase parity among teams. For example, the Competitive Balance Lottery gives teams with minimal revenue additional high draft picks.

To learn more about how GMs can achieve more with less, check out the infographic below, presented by

Sports General Managers - How To Do More With Less
Source: Sports Management Degree Hub

Originally posted 2015-01-30 22:22:08.

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