The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Reddit

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Reddit - #infographic #socialmedia


Reddit also known as “the front page of the Internet”, is a social bookmarking community and a great place to discover what people in various niches are talking about. In march 2014, Reddit had 114 million unique visitors from 190 countries, which proves that it is a huge opportunity for bloggers and marketers to drive traffic to their blog/website.
Diving into Reddit can be a bit intimidating. So to give you a clear picture of this social network, designed an infographic that visualized how Reddit works and proposes some tips on how to use Reddit to its fullest potential.
Some key takeaway:
Read each subreddit’s FAQ before getting sucked in. The FAQ will outline what’s allowed and what’s not.
Focus on subreddits that you are knowledgeable about. Jump in and comments on things.
Find and share articles photos and videos you think are interesting or would be valuable to the members of subreddits.
There’s more in the full visual. Take a look.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To #Reddit - #infographic #socialmedia
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