What makes a CISO

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A recently-published infographic from Digital Guardian breaks down the demographics and skill sets of the chief information security officer (CISO), a growing enterprise role.

One of the latest and great titles in the information security realm is the chief information security officer (CISO), a role that has been gaining traction steadily in the enterprise as of late. As part of his $19 billion cybersecurity budget,President Obama is even planning on hiring a Federal CISO for the US government.

TechRepublic also recently broke down what a CISO does and why you might need one.

Who are the men and women who are filling the CISO role? A new infographic from Digital Guardian, titled The Anatomy of a CISO: A breakdown of today’s top security leaders seeks to breakdown the typical CISO of a Fortune 100 company.

The CISOs were overwhelmingly male (89%), and 85% of them had at least a Bachelor’s degree. Another 40% had a Master’s degree, and a few had a PhD or JD as well. The top three fields of study for these CISOs were business, information technology/information security, and computer science in that order.

Almost 60% of the folks in this role worked in IT or IT security in the past, which isn’t surprising given the tactical nature of the post. Also, more than half have a CISSP certification and 22 of them have a CISM certification. Fortune 100 security leaders hold an average of 2.86 certifications.



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Originally posted 2016-03-05 10:32:43.

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