Year of a Tiger Mom: Are You Racist for Reading This?

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Tiger mom parenting is a argumentative process that has perceived increasing courtesy lately, with a edition of a book by Amy Chua. With that increasing courtesy came critique of a oppressive methods.

Chua’s book gave readers an inside viewpoint of a “traditional Chinese” process of parenting. It involves really despotic parenting, including degrading and rejection. Kim Wong Keltner published Tiger Babies Strike Back dual years after, in 2013; from a tiger baby’s perspective. She described a onslaught and damaging effects from her tiger mom.

While tiger mom parenting has a many disadvantages, there are some positives that come with it as well. Asian-Americans are a heading organisation in series of bachelor’s degrees or higher. They also have a aloft normal salary. This could really good be due to their parents’ tough love.

To learn some-more about tiger moms, check out a infographic below, presented by

Year of a Tiger Mom

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Originally posted 2015-01-27 11:55:27.

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