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10 Useful Job Search Infographics For New Grads

 After finally earning a college degree, it is time for new graduates to begin their job search. However, that is easier said than done.

Fresh graduates may encounter several issues once they begin applying for jobs, including steep competition for open positions, lack of preparedness or experience for preferred jobs, lack of job openings, and many more.

Here is a compilation of infographics that can help new graduates prepare for their job search, for them to be able to hopefully land their dream jobs.

Choosing a Career

Graduates of a certain program are not required to go into the traditional jobs for that program. New graduates should always be open to opportunities that can turn out to be good ones for them.

(Image: Lindsey Savino)

Matching Jobs to Personalities

Focusing on landing a job on a certain career track is not all about what the new graduate wants, but it is also about what the new graduate is a match for.

(Image: Business Insider)

Spicing up Your Resume

Before applying for a job, new graduates should craft the perfect resume that explains who they really are and what they can contribute to the company.

(Image: Colorado Technical University)

Avoiding Resume Mistakes

The time spent on creating that perfect resume will only be wasted if new graduates overlook some common mistakes.

(Image: Resunate)

Using Social Networks

In an age where everyone is on a social network, new graduates can take advantage of connections to search and apply for possible jobs.

(Image: Online Degrees)

Creating a LinkedIn Account

Speaking of social networks, new graduates venturing into the professional field should set up accounts on LinkedIn. The career-focused social network can certainly help in job applications.

(Image: Infographic Labs)

Taking Advantage of Career Fairs

Career fairs, whether held in colleges or elsewhere, are a great opportunity for new graduates to show employers that they stand out among the crowd.

(Image: Rasmussen College)

Wearing the Right Interview Clothes

While looks do not define a person, it is what gives the company its first impression on applicants.

(Image: Rasmussen College)

Knowing the Interview

The interview process is possibly the most gut-wrenching part of job applications. Knowing all about it will help new graduates prepare for the dreaded interview.

(Image: oBizMedia)

Making Money While Waiting

Applying for jobs is not easy, nor is it a quick thing. New graduates should be able to make money while waiting for phone calls, which would allow them to support themselves as they look for jobs.

(Image: Zaarly)

These infographics collect massive amounts of information throughout the job search process. However, new graduates should know that job hunts never go the same way for everyone. Fresh graduates should show tenacity while exercising patience in searching for the perfect job match for them.

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:25:44.

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