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100 of The Most Common Misconceptions

The internet has busted open a floodgate of knowledge, and now more than ever you need special skills to separate truth from falsehood. Misconceptions have a way of wriggling into our brains and spreading through word-of-mouth, and social media has put that process on steroids.

But fear not, the internet also delivers the tools to help us learn, like this infographic that puts to rest a whopping 100 most common myths you always see floating around. Yeah, it’s as epic as it sounds.

The handy new resource comes from GeekWrapped, a site for nerdy people to find appropriately themed gifts and tech products. But in their blog section the editorial team have been tackling projects that veer straight into the land of critical thinking – including mythbusting.

“Our goal was to create a truly authoritative piece on this topic,” website founder Simon Saval said.

“It took our editorial team over two months to research, verify, write, and design the content. The result is that we have now published one of the most complete overviews of misconceptions.”

A hundred facts is a lot to browse through, but the whole infodump is actually quite user-friendly, since it’s been broken down into six categories – the body, food, animals, science, history, and society.

“For each debunked myth we made sure that there were at least three independent and trustworthy sources, including peer-reviewed research and sources from very reputable publishers,” explains Simon.

You’ll also find pithy explanations for why Earth is not flat, why it’s okay to call evolution a theory, which species we actually evolved from (spoiler: not chimps), and, of course, that we don’t just use only 10 percent of our brain.

This truly is a resource you can share with anybody – and keep it in your bookmarks for when you need to do a quick fact-check on something that comes up during a lunch conversation. (That approach may not win you any friends, but hey, at least you’ll be right about something?)

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Originally posted 2017-09-11 15:21:16.

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