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15 Kitchen Infographics That Will Help You Throw Away ALL Your Takeout Menus

For some people, cooking is a joy and they can whip up delicious dishes like a gastronomical genius. For others, the smoke detector is their most frequently used kitchen appliance and the only thing they make is a mess (or reservations).

Regardless of which cooking camp you fall into, there’s an easier way to do just about anything in the kitchen. Need to boil an egg? Cook some grains? Confused on which knife you should use? Well, worry no more. There’s an app(ropriate) chart here for that.

Missing an ingredient? There’s an easy substitution.


Via: eReplacement Parts


Why do math when you have this great chart?

Via: visual.ly

All knives are not created equal

Via: Visual.ly

Know when the produce you want is in season

Via: Brainpickings.org

And then perfectly cook what you buy

Via: Kidspot.com.au

How long does food last? Now you know

Via: dailysavings.allyou.com

Learn how to spice things up

Via: Cooksmarts.com

Find the perfect cooking oil

Via: Visual.ly

No more store-bought dressings with this easy formula for a simple vinaigrette

Via: Cooksmarts.com

Because fish should be filleted, not butchered

Via: Wideopenspaces.com

Get your grain ratios right every time

Via: TheKitchn

End your quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie

Via: Handletheheat.com

Here’s exactly how to boil an egg

Via: Bonappetit.com

Replace the egg in vegan baking

Via: Swansonvitamins.com

The no-stress guide for pressure cooking

Via: Hippressurecooking

Got all that? Good. Now get cooking!


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Originally posted 2015-05-06 01:57:40.

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