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15 Life Hacks & How-to’s For Men’s Fashion You Need In Your Life

Men’s fashion always seemed way easier than women’s (truth time: mostly ladies write this blog, so give us a pass on our ignorance.) BUT when we started Masculine Monday all those years ago, and resurrected manly Mondays with #MCM, we realized that men’s fashion is just as complicated, varied, and inherently personal as women’s. There are huge differences between sneaker heads and dapper dandy guys, those who prefer leather jogging pants and the guys who only wear the skinniest of trousers. Power clashing is a thing – a big thing – and your belt says a lot about you. At least we knew cargo pants were always a fashion sin (except when they aren’t.) See? Confusing. And for the guys who really, really don’t want to spend hours shopping or even shopping online, you need a foolproof system for dressing, and dressing well, that doesn’t require too much effort. So, with the help of Pinterest, we’ve compiled some of the best men’s fashion life hacks you could ever imagine – and you’ll find they’ll pretty quickly become indispensable.

  1. How a Suit Should FitHow a Suite Should Fit Guide

  2. How to dress dapper for the modern man.How to Dress Dapper

  3. While you’re dressing dapper – here’s how to tie a whole SLEW of ties.How to Tie a Tie

  4. Yes, there is a right way to tuck in your shirt.The mIlitary tuck

  5. 50 mistakes you’re making.

  6. enhanced-buzz-27722-1384375098-22
  7. When to button which suit buttons.enhanced-buzz-31480-1384374771-42

  8. How to get the perfect haircut.

  9. Perfect Haircut for Men

    How to dress for your office (with an added bonus for the ladies.) Office Dress Code Guide

  10. The official guide to dress shoes.mens-guide-to-dress-shoes

  11. Esquire’s Definitive Guide to Rolling up your sleeves.How to cuff your sleeves

  12. A Guide to Fashion watchesFashion Watches

  13. Exactly what shoes you should wear with that outfit.What shoes to wear with which outfit

  14. How your jeans should fit.Mens Jeans Guide

  15. The Four shoes you must own.

Mens Shoes Staples

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Originally posted 2015-06-01 23:46:37.

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