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15 ticking time bombs to prepare for now [ infographic ]

There is a developing zeitgeist of fear that a world-altering event is on the cusp of happening. Tension, fear, and unrest are becoming more commonplace. Preppier meetup events have reported an attendance spike in recent years, and the survivalist movement has been gaining momentum. While many fears are unsubstantiated and fueled by misinformation and ignorance, other potential threats are backed by science. The World Economic Forum ranks weapons of mass destruction as the top risk that will have the largest impact within the next decade. With world leaders boasting that they have a “nuclear button” at their disposal, it is no wonder that fears of a nuclear apocalypse loom over everyday life around the world. This infographic from Security Baron explores 15 potential threats that may be on the verge of catastrophe and explains the known science behind them. Many of the ticking time bombs explored are directly or indirectly influenced by climate change.

Originally posted 2019-06-18 14:25:51.

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