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2015 Trends In Online Sharing And Content Behaviors

This week AddThis released the results of an analysis consisting of data from more than 2 billion people that created more than 1 trillion pageviews. With a focus on the latest trends split between desktop and mobile internet usage, AddThis was able to identify the types of content people consume and share the most on each platform.

Some of the highlights from the analysis include the growth in mobile content sharing, what social media site is most popular in various countries, and which countries prefer mobile over desktop.

Most Popular Country by Social Media Site

Japan takes the lead for Twitter sharing, 159 percent more than the baseline.

Venezuela comes in second with 134 percent more than the baseline.

The Philippines and Taiwan lead sharing on Facebook, with 53 percent and 51 percent respectively.

United States is a big fan of pinning on Pinterest with 77 percent above baseline.

Trailing behind the US, Australia and Canada shared 56 percent and 54 percent above the baseline.

The Netherlands dominated sharing on LinkedIn at 219 percent above baseline.

Sharing and Consuming Behavior

Each day the AddThis network sees more than 4 million global shares each day between mobile and desktop devices.

According to their data, mobile sharing increased by 32 percent, up now to 38 percent in 2015 vs 62 percent of their shares coming from desktop.

On the content consumption side of things, AddThis sees 768 million pageviews each day. The most popular content being consumed on desktops are job related, which is 56 percent above baseline, followed by tech related news with 51 percent.

In 2015 people on their mobile devices really had a keen interest on staying updated on the weather with it hitting more than 355% above baseline.

Trends in Online Behaviors


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