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21 Ways To Maximize Your Lead Generation

The holy grail of marketing is a tool or method that will help you earn a 100% conversion rate. While that may be a pipe dream, there really are some proven strategies that can dramatically boost your rates with very little effort on your part. This list infographic from from ELIV8 gives you 21 tips to maximize your lead generation, through a variety of methods ranging from collecting emails in-store to using videos on your landing page to hosting social media contests. Let’s take a look:

  1. Create Landing Pages. 56% of website clicks are directed to landing pages that are meant to convert visitors, rather than the home page.
  2. Use Opt-In Content Offers. This is one of the most effective ways to convert website visitors, and is used by 71% of marketers.
  3. Add Opt-In Forms to Your Website. Adding a simple opt-in form can boost your conversion rates by up to 500%.
  4. Direct Traffic With Calls to Action. Include a clear, prominent call-to-action button on your website to lead visitors to your important conversion content.
  5. Use Social Proof in Your Copy. Your visitors (especially the Millennials) put more faith into customer testimonials than your brand’s descriptions. User-generated reviews are 12x more trusted, in fact. So include them!
  6. Collect Emails in Your Store. You can build up a decent email list by offering customers incentives to sign up – give your email subscribers sneak previews or special offers!
  7. Use an Explainer Video. A landing page with a video will keep a user’s attention longer than one without, leading to an 86% increase in conversion.
  8. Use the “Content Upgrade”. You can increase your conversions sevenfold on blog posts that offer additional opt-in content at the end.
  9. Tap Into the Power of Feedback. Ask your website visitors how they feel about you or your content – a feedback tool that asks live questions can net you 5x the conversions.
  10. Create Gated Windows in Wistia. Wistia is a tool that allows you to host videos, but also includes built-in conversion tools such as calls to action and email collectors.
  11. Visualize Your Site’s Traffic. Tools like scroll maps and mouse tracking tools can show you how different parts of your site are performing in terms of conversions and traffic, and make changes if needed.
  12. Use Benefit-Rich, Action-Oriented Copy. Terms like “free download”, “limited time”, and “exclusive offer” can send your conversion rates skyrocketing by persuading your readers of the value of your offers.
  13. Make Posts Available to Download. Many of your readers lead busy lives, and don’t often have time to read your blog posts as they encounter them. Give them the chance to download as a PDF or have the post sent to their inbox.
  14. Collect Commenter Emails. This is a quick way to capture new emails, by reaching out to the ones that are ready to engage with you.
  15. Use Exit Intent Pop-Up Forms. Target the users who are about to leave your website.
  16. Host a Contest. Ask your users to submit photos, slogans, or videos, and collect their emails when they do so. Don’t forget to share their content and announce a winner!
  17. Speed Up Your Website. A delay of 1 second in your loading speed can make your conversion rates fall by 7%! Make sure that your site is running at optimal speeds.
  18. A/B Test Everything. Keep tweaking and testing your design and content, to make sure that you’re converting as many of your visitors as you can. Sometimes just changing the size or color of a button can make a huge difference.
  19. Direct SlideShare Traffic. SlideShare gets over 50 million visitors per month, so take advantage of that audience by using persuasive calls to action to pull viewers toward your opt-in offers.
  20. Use Twitter Lead Cards. The Twitter ad platform gives you the ability to create one-click opt-in ads, making it quick and simple for your users.
  21. Answer Questions on Quora. A popular site for posting questions and answer, Quora is a great way to generate leads by including links to opt-in offers with your answers. Make sure the questions are relevant, though – you don’t want to seem spammy.

How would you add to this list? What is your best advice on how to maximize lead generation?

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Originally posted 2016-02-11 06:29:37.

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