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34 Of The Most Surprising Laws Tourists Should Be Aware Of When Travelling Abroad

  • You may not even be aware you are breaking certain laws while away
  • In Japan women are required to wear a bra in air conditioned buildings
  • And in China drivers are banned from stopping at pedestrian crossings

It is sometimes hard to blend in while away on holiday but there are certain things you can do to make sure you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons.

For example, in Switzerland it is illegal for a man to stand up while going to the toilet after 10pm and flushing is banned for both genders after this time.

And forget women wearing trousers in Swasiland – a recent law states that if they do they face them being ripped off and torn to pieces by soldiers.

In fact, in 2013 TVCNews reported how a Swazi woman was prevented from putting her name forwards as a member of parliament because she wore trousers to a nomination centre.

Fly to Dubai has created a handy guide to some of the most outdated laws from around the world including some that deal with incidences that are hopefully less likely to occur.

In Canada it is illegal to drag a dead horse down Toronto’s Yonge Street on a Sunday and in France individuals are prohibited from naming their pigs Napoleon, out of respect for Napoleon Bonaparte. 

Tourists should also be aware that pillow fights in Belgium could lead to a charge of assault and bras are a requirement for women in air conditioned buildings in Japan.

Here are 34 of the most ridiculous restrictions, that tourists should be aware of before travelling:

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Originally posted 2015-12-10 19:07:42.

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