39 Uber Facts and the One That’s Missing

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As a business, Uber’s evolution and growth will be studied by marketing and business professors, taught in schools, and become the stuff of legends, just like other Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Some insight into this phenomenal growth is provided by Mister Beep‘s infographic below, which is quite an enthralling read. Crafted last February, the infographic lacks one key detail, released only two days ago.

Perfectly timed with the F8 conference where Facebook announced a bunch of cool new products, Uber also released its first-ever transparency report.

The reason for hiding this report among all those impressive Facebook product launches was to take the world’s eyes off the fact that, in the second half of 2015, Uber provided local authorities with data on over 12 million users and drivers.

Uber tried to explain this huge number by pointing out that, unlike Facebook or Google, it handles a lot more data than just an email address, such as credit card names, GPS coordinates, driver authorizations, and all sorts of details local police and transportation departments usually require.

The good thing is that Uber hasn’t removed its warrant canary, a form of legal language in its terms of service that’s usually deleted when authorities also provide the company with a gag order for their data inquiries.

Reddit had such a warrant canary, which it removed a few weeks back, meaning authorities came asking for data but then provided Redddit’s staff with a gag order that prevented the company from telling anyone else.

Infographic: Uber's evolution

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