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40 Ways To Drive Traffic To A Website

People have a love/hate relationship with the word traffic.

The general population hates traffic.

Who would complain? No one wants to waste their time on the road behind trucks and cars in bumper to bumper traffic.

On the other hand people in the online industry like website owners and bloggers love traffic. In fact the more the merrier.

Most people know that SEO is one of the big traffic drivers. What if you want other traffic driving tips? Here are 40 tips to drive traffic to a website from 4 of the top traffic producing experts on the web.


My Favourite Traffic Building Tactics


Use infographics to create a quick wow factor. Focus on the content of the infographic to get backlinks, traffic and social shares. It is easier for people to consume visual content that just plain content.


In my humble opinion StumbleUpon is an underutilized social media platform for driving traffic. The best part of using StumbleUpon is it sends real visitors to your site unlike other social sites like Facebook and Twitter where you are competing for people’s visual attention and clicks.

One Additional Tip – YouTube Videos

If you are good at creating video content then why not take advantage of the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google? Creating video content may take longer than producing plain text content but to stand out in this crowded web you have to create something better than everyone else.


[tweet_box design=”default”]The best part of building traffic to your website or blog is that traffic from various sources adds up.[/tweet_box]

Similar to performance of a website, traffic is a proactive measure; you have to plan and go get it. Of course there are some really talented or lucky folks for whom traffic just pours from nowhere. If you are not one of them, then pick a few of the traffic tips and be consistent in pro-actively building traffic. Consider producing videos, podcasts or infographics to create a quick wow factor.


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