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5 Tips for Effective Integration of Sales and Content Marketing

Sales and marketing on social are most effective when integrated, and creating customer experience teams allows your company to make the most of its resources and content. Highspot, a sales technology company, has compiled five tips for making the most out of your sales and marketing materials.

According to Highspot, there are a lot of expectations between marketing and sales, but the reality often differs in practice. Marketers may assume their content is contributing to big sales boosts, but 65 percent of that content is never used by the sales teams. Marketers should focus on creating sales-relevant material to further their goals.

While each piece of marketing content may seem like a ‘silver bullet for sales,’ large marketing budgets often go to waste. Less than 10 percent of those budgets are producing sales enablement results. Analyze which content is leading to sales, and try to cater more to audience needs rather than developing a flashy campaign.

Marketing and sales teams need to work together, but usually they speak two different languages. Only 24 percent of companies have formalized marketing to sales handoff procedures. Building a relationship between your teams can help both arrive at better results and share important knowledge.

Tech tools can also be more of a hinderance than a benefit. To see how technology can slow down your sales team, or how too many tools can hinder efforts, view the infographic below.



Originally posted 2015-10-04 09:00:05.

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