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5 tips for your non-profit to utilise infographics


Using infographics to engage with your non-profit’s audience is great, they can be used to relay information from a campaign or a call-to-action. But even the best infographics will be held back if your charity does not have steps in place to effectively share it online.

Check out these top five tips for maximising the online coverage of your infographic:

  1. Uploading the infographic to a landing page, as an image rather than a PDF

Using infographics in PDF format makes it harder for your audience to share them on social networks which restricts the awareness people will have of the information your charity is trying to spread.

Uploading a large version of the infographic to the landing page of your website or blog is a great first step.

  1. Crop and size sections of your infographic when promoting on social networks.

Using snippets of the infographic to share on social media will encourage people to engage with the information on offer.

Smaller blocks of 500 x 500 pixels and 500 x 250 pixels are best for sharing and designing the infographic with this in mind, to use smaller blocks in the promotion process can make a big difference to the interaction it receives.

  1. Integrate “share” buttons on the landing page

To further increase social sharing, ensure that the preferred landing page of the infographic includes a “share” function for a variety of social networks and format it so that visually appealing thumbnails or a full image of the infographic will be shown with social media shares.

  1. Make the landing page mobile friendly

Many of the users of the infographic will be accessing it on a mobile device, make sure that the landing page that the infographic is embedded on is mobile friendly and formatted sufficiently.

It may be a good idea to review older posts from before when many used smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices so that an infographic that is still being shared can be absorbed by mobile users.

  1. Send the infographic by email, but link to the landing page, not a PDF file

Emailing the infographic to a subscriber base is a good way to spread the word, however, rather than attaching it as a PDF in an e-newsletter is outdated and something that many will not engage with.

Alternatively send subscribers a link to the landing page through an image link where they will be able to share more effectively and view the full infographic easily.

Originally posted 2015-07-29 07:29:30.

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