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6 Science-Backed Principles That Will Help You Build A Loyal Audience

Have you ever wondered what can turn one-off readers into raving fans?

After all, raving fans are the ones that often turn into life-long customers.

And that’s what you want right?

The truth is that building a loyal audience is possible. The infographic below shows you 6 science-backed tips to make it happen.

Let’s get started…

How To Build A Loyal Audience Infographic

We’ve covered 6 specific tips in the infographic, but I want to mention a few in more detail.

The “halo effect”

This is one of those things I wish wasn’t true, but I want to clarify something in particular.

This doesn’t mean hiding your failures or your faults. Why? Because sharing your failures along with your successes will make you more relatable.

Nobody is perfect and our failures highlight how we’re all just human.

Stand for something

The last tip I want to cover in more detail is all about how people are usually more loyal to what a company stands for, than the company itself.

A Simon Sinek quote ties in well:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”

For more background on this, I highly recommend that you check out Simon’s 2009 TEDx talk on how great leaders inspire action.


We’ve covered 6 science-backed tips that will help you build a loyal audience.

But, there’s a bit more to this “audience growth” thing than science.

The truth is that it’s a skill that you’ll develop over time, and some might say that it’s more of an art.

Still, these science-backed tips give you a starting point.

And it’s worth noting that what works for one audience, won’t always work for another.

So, as you would with CRO (conversion rate optimization) – test to find what works.

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Originally posted 2017-02-27 02:36:49.

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