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7 Infographics to Increase Landing Page Conversions

In the world of online marketing, landing pages are king! Sure…everyone says “Content is King”, but if you were going to ask anyone in affiliate marketing that is pushing five figures per day in earnings, they are going to say “landing pages” all the way!

So what is a landing page and why are they so important anyway?

A landing page is the page a user sees before they are sent to your actual registration or sales page. A great way to explain this would be to think of movie trailers: they highlight all the good stuff, they get you hooked in and the call to action is to bring you back to the movies where you can spend money once again. Landing pages are the same concept, except it all happens in one seamless motion.

However, not all landing pages are created equal.

To find success with online marketing and running ad campaigns, you need to know how to make killer landing pages that grab the attention of your audience and gets them to take immediate action. While that sounds easy enough, it’s really only the beginning.

To create successful and long-term ad campaigns, you need to create landing pages that zone in on a specific demographic audience, while also split testing and tweaking your ad copy along the way.

At the end of the day, to find success with affiliate/online marketing and landing pages you need to eat, sleep and breathe this stuff!

How to Create Killer Landing Pages

To simply say you need to “split test” and “target the right audience” to find success, it would be a huge understatement. There are many components to creating a successful landing pages and ad campaigns, especially if you want to create and scale ones that stand the test of time.

Just like landing pages, visuals are everything. To stress the importance of putting more effort into your landing pages and tweaking them for maximum conversions and profits, I’ve taken the liberty of compiling seven of the best landing page infographics on the internet today.

Read them over. Devour and implement their tips. Make your landing pages more profitable than ever before!

8 Ways to Improve Landing Page Conversions

The best way to see increased conversions and higher earnings through your landing page is to continually make changes and split test the results. From the most basic changes of switching color, to using different headlines and call to action buttons, these changes, no matter how big or small, can result in huge conversion swings.

Not only does this infographic from AdsBridge break down the importance of landing page optimization, but it also provides you with eight different ways to improve your landing page conversions right away.


The Psychology of Conversions on Landing Page

Generating leads is all about psychology and triggering emotions from your end user. The more relevant an individual is to your landing page, the more likely they are to follow through and complete the task at hand. On landing pages, everything from social proof, scarcity, discounts, and authority play a huge part in the psychological aspect of how someone is going to feel when they get to your page. Pardot has done the research for you, now it’s time for you to implement these triggers on your landing pages to see improved results.


How Users are Really Viewing Your Site and Landing Page

All site owners and online marketers have a good idea of how many people are clicking on their call to action when they get to their landing page, but not many of them understand what a person is doing when they get there. How a visitor scrolls and reads through your content can play a huge impact in your overall conversions. Hotjar created an excellent infographic that highlights how heatmaps, visitor records, and feedback forms can all be used to increase conversions, while also learning how to better understand your audience in the process.


How Colors Affect Conversions on Landing Pages

The colors on your landing page shouldn’t simply match the colors of your existing site or brand or just ones you like. Instead, the color theme of your landing page should be inline with the emotions you want to trigger from your audience. This infographic from KissMetrics is packed with data points on color usage, as well as case studies and the different colors that should be used when targeting men or women.


The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

The basic structure of your landing page means a lot. From simply removing distractions from your page, to making it easy for someone to clearly see your call to action, having the perfect landing page anatomy is key. When creating your landing page, it’s best to start with the basics. Follow this simple, yet extremely effective landing page anatomy infographic from Formstack, and split test your way to improved conversions. In addition to their awesome landing page infographic, they also have detailed videos to explain each data point along the way.


18 Mind-Blowing Stats on Landing Pages

We already know how well landing pages work to increase conversions, but now it’s time to bring that knowledge to a whole new level with these 18 mind-blowing stats from IonInteractive. Want an excited stat to get you started? Did you know Dell currently has over 1,000 landing pages and has seen increased conversions of up to 300% versus sending traffic to their main page? Check out the full infographic for more stats and case study figures to get you inspired.


5 Ways to Fix Your Low Converting Landing Page Copy

Creating a landing page is easy. Figuring out why it’s not converting isn’t as easy. In this infographic from Leadpages, they break down five different ways to find out why a landing page isn’t necessarily converting well, and also how to fix it. Methods include asking your customer why they didn’t take action in the first place, appealing to user emotions, being controversial, and more. This infographic is loaded with actionable ideas and quick tips that anyone can implement into their landing page right away.


Now that you’ve seen what the top online marketers and brands are preaching when it comes to landing pages and increasing conversions, it’s time to put these recommendations to work on your own landing pages. This is your “call to action” — do it now!



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Originally posted 2015-06-11 00:37:05.

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