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8 Things That Can Hurt Your Brand

1. Lack of planning

Do you have a marketing plan in place for your brand? Having a clear goal and strategy to get there can save you time and money.

2. Inconsistent Brand Image

Do you have a style guide that is being followed across the platforms? To create a strong brand, all the visual pieces that relate to it — colors, fonts, imagery, logo usage and copy — should be consistent everywhere it is seen.

3. Producing low quality content

Are you trying to save money by cutting back on your marketing material? Low quality content and visual materials can harm your brand and turn people away, resulting in a potential loss of customers.

 4. Breaking brand promises

Is your brand promise not exactly what you are delivering? If you aren’t meeting your customer’s expectations, your brand  and your reputation will suffer. Be true to your brand and don’t promise things that you cannot actually commit to.

5. Underestimating online marketing opportunities

Do you get all your leads from one source? Exploring other marketing channels could very well bring you more business. If you don’t have the time or expertise, seek out professional advice.

6. Not listening to your audience

Are your customers happy or dissatisfied with your products and services? They will surely talk about it on social media. Be sure you read and respond to those comments. Apologize for problems you can’t fix, and thank those that give positive feedback.

7. Badly designed and hard to navigate website

Have you wondered why you aren’t generating any conversions from your website? Perhaps website doesn’t look professional or isn’t user-friendly. An updated design and improved user interface has been shown to increase conversions.

8. Crossing line between different and offensive

Do you know who your audience is? Be sure to research who they are and what they might consider appropriate or offensive. For example, mothers will probably be turned off by violent imagery or tone.

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Originally posted 2015-06-26 08:57:08.

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