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8 Warning signs that your staff are about to quit

Unemployment in the UK is at a ten year low, falling by 60,000 between October and December 2015. Although this is positive news for the wider economy, it can present employers with increased demand for their staff from other companies, which mean workers are at a greater risk of leaving compared to when the job market is more suppressed.

This infographic highlights the best ways to identify who is about to quit along with actionable advice about how best to address these issues. It gives an insight into the psychology, behaviour, company culture and HR practices that help to influence the worker’s decision-making process.

By identifying these key indicators as they arise, organisations will place themselves in a better position to help prevent staff from quitting their job within the business.

[infographic] 8 signs your employee is about to quit

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Originally posted 2016-10-08 05:44:49.

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