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An infographic Guide to infographics

An infographic about infographics? That’s so meta.Years after this communications tool was introduced, it’s still an effective way to combine text, statistics and imagery to tell a story.

If you’re considering infographics as part of your content strategy, where do you start—and how do you get from an infographic idea to measuring its effectiveness?

An infographic from One Spot provides some excellent pointers for content marketers looking to hop into the infographic game, including these six tips:

1. Use a 3-color palette with contrast.

2. Choose similar type styles.

3. Develop an easy-to-follow flow.

4. Keep text legible.

5. Use negative space.

6. Cite your sources.

Check out more—including infographic resources and common types—in the full infographic below:

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Originally posted 2017-01-01 14:52:40.

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