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An Infographic Guide To The “Star Wars” Saga’s Rich Galaxy Of Curses And Insults

Don’t be a nerf herder, check out these kriffing good curses and insults from theStar Wars expanded universe.

There are at least 11 invented languages in the expanded Star Warsuniverse, including Bocce, Jawaese, and the wookie language of Shyriiwook—whatever in the expanded world that is. Most of these languages are indecipherable to anyone who isn’t a C-3PO-style cyborg fluent in over 6 million tongues, or a basement dwelling sci-fi junkie with the Internet equivalent of a decoder ring. But let’s face it—the most immediately gratifying parts of any foreign language are curse words and insults. (Just ask every teacher of high school Spanish.) A new infographic makes it easy to skim the surface of all the languages in the Star Wars realm and get right to the good stuff.

Created by the team at WallpaperDirect.com, Swear Wars: Curse Like a Bounty Hunter is an intergalactic guide through all the priceless insults and naughty words generously sprinkled throughout the films, books, and other Ewok-related affairs that have comprised the Star Wars saga thus far. Recognizable terms like ‘Nerf herder’ and ‘Rebel scum’ that have invaded pop culture beyond the films are joined by more esoteric terminology like ‘sleemo’ and ‘farkled,’ which sound dirtier due to their unfamiliarity. Each word is ranked on a color-coded Vulgar Scale, from Youngling to Sith Lord, although since many of these words just sound like, well, sounds, it probably doesn’t matter.

Have a look at the full infographic below, and try slipping these words into casual conversation at your own peril.


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Originally posted 2015-12-28 08:52:38.

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