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Are Infographics Still Effective in Boosting Traffic and Improving Social Media Engagement

Infographics are visuals. And, for social media marketers, visuals can significantly help in increasing and bringing more traffic to your site, thereby, improving conversion rates. They can also improve social media engagement.

Are Infographics Still Effective in Boosting Traffic and Improving Social Media Marketing Campaign?

As for infographics, they are still relevant to some. They simply love the way how they represent types of data. However, others, who used to love them, are now declaring their extreme dislike to this visual presentation. For these users, infographics are already dead and irrelevant.

But, whether you like it or not, infographics can go either way. That is, they can be relevant or irrelevant. Nevertheless, there are still social media marketers who found great success with this type of visual presentation.

The Negative

The effect of infographics is gradually wearing off. That said, it has been less and less effective when it comes to attracting more traffic to websites.

According to Neil Patel, his websites saw a decline in visitors because of infographics. For that reason, you might want to consider the kind of infographic you are using.

But why is this happening to infographics?

The main goal of this visual representation is to inform. However, the information portion of it has taken a backseat because of some social media marketers’ goal of the image to go viral with the use of a trendy tactic.

Because of that, experts recommend choosing an infographic that will not cause confusion. Make sure also that the graphics will answer the questions of your visitors, rather than making them ask more questions.

You should set aside the attitude of making an infographic for the sake of making it. It is a poor strategy.

That said, if your idea is difficult to share through text, you should consider infographic.

On the other hand, if you are creating just random facts for the sake of having shareable graphic, you are indeed giving your social media marketing a misguided campaign.

It is also essential to remember that when you create infographics, you should consider designing it for mobile viewing, too, and not just focusing on desktop viewing.

What to do about it?

Quality is the key here to avoid your infographics to go irrelevant. Having bad design can be a disaster to your marketing plan.

[tweet_dis]Because of their visual nature, high-quality infographics are perfect for sharing across social networking sites.[/tweet_dis]

But make sure that you create smaller infographics that can be easily shared through social media and mobile.

You should also break up those topics into smaller chunks to avoid information overload.

Then, you should make each infographic a promise or a tease.

And make sure that you are using compelling images, rather than those annoying, irrelevant photos.

If you make high-quality infographics, they can bring traffic to your site.

By focusing on providing what your customers/visitors want, they can easily share it with others, thereby, raising awareness about your brand.

As a result, it brings traffic and visitors to your website.

As long as you are using well-thought, well-designed infographics, you can grow your traffic up to 12% faster than if you do not.

Originally posted 2015-11-14 07:55:20.

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