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Best Companies To Work For In 2015

If you’re looking to shift careers or to find a job this year, then you have come to the right post revealing you the ‘Best Companies to Work for in 2015.”

  1. Google, Inc. – Technology Development: It offers spot bonuses ranging from $250 and $5,000 as well as college tuition coverage and unlimited amounts of food.
  2. Boston Consulting Group – consulting: It provides employees with onsite health benefits, such as cancer screening, weight watchers meetings and generous profit sharing plans.
  3. Acuity – Financial Services and Insurance: This Company is part of these best companies to work for in 2015 because employees are given summer picnics, such as chocolate fairs, elder and childcare resources and up to 89 hours of annual training.
  4. SAS – Information Technology: This Company is for you if you were looking for those that could offer you with wide range of development programs, on-site pool and unlimited pain sick leaves.
  5. Baird – Financial Services and Insurance: It can give you stock purchase plan, personal travel service and 16-hour paid time to volunteer.

What Are the Workplace Trends of 2015?

  • Growing number of modern career paths, 34 percent of Americans are now freelancers
  • More women are executives, top companies have 37 percent of female leaders
  • Mobile job search, 83 percent of job seekers use smartphones when searching for job openings

2015 Craziest Employee Perks

  • Scopely: It is where employers get a briefcase of $11,000 bacon-wrapped cash
  • Dropcom: It is the company where each hire gets a helicopter ride with the CEO.
  • WIX: This is a web development company giving employees the chance of picking a day for a rooftop breakfast with his pet.

There you have the best companies to work for this year! You may want to get started trying your luck applying to any of them, but that of course only begins with an impressive resume, don’t you think?

best companies to work for in 2015

Originally posted 2015-09-13 11:00:31.

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