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Beware of Pet Suffocation [Infographic]

Pets suffocate in chip and snack bags literally every day. It takes as few as 3–5 minutes for a dog or cat rummaging through a bag for crumbs to asphyxiate. It can happen to any pet, regardless of their size, age, or strength; and it can, and has, happened even when the pet owners are in the same home, maybe even in the next room over.

This danger is not the result of neglect or carelessness — even experienced, loving pet owners have lost beloved pets.

The problem is that so few pet owners are aware there is a risk at all — it’s easy to find videos of pets trying to remove bags from their heads that many people think are just cute or funny. (To be clear, this is never funny. Not only is it extremely dangerous — after all, these are animals in the early stages of asphyxiation — but it is highly distressing to the animals in these videos.)


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Originally posted 2018-03-28 01:45:27.

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