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Black Friday: Here is How the Biggest Shopping Day Gained Popularity

‘Black Friday’ is the day after ‘Thanksgiving,’ when hordes of shoppers march their ways to retail stores or online marketplaces to avail best of the offers on this biggest shopping day of the entire year in terms of sales as well as profit.

But apart from looking for attractive discount offers online, did you ever try to know how the ‘Black Friday’ sales became so popular for people in the US and across the globe? There are many claims that prevail about how this day came into being like it had its root to slavery in America. But this story is actually a myth.

The real story is that ‘Black Friday’, the term used for modern-day shopping extravaganza, took birth in Philadelphia. During mid-1960s, Philadelphia police used this term to tackle the irksome traffic-related problems caused by a large number of shoppers heading toward the city’s downtown stores a day after ‘Thanksgiving’. Later, city officials and merchants used ‘Black Friday’ as a re-branding effort to add a more positive connotation to this shopping period.

And since then, this term has gained more and more popularity on online as well as retail shopping fronts. The following infographic created by FreshPickedDeals.com will tell you why ‘Black Friday’ continues to be one of the best times of the year to snag great deals. Check it out:


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Originally posted 2015-11-29 11:57:13.

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