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Can you guess the 8 CEO’s that built empires before the age of 30

How old are you? How much do you earn? A lot of people believe that it is a long way to success and you can’t earn millions when you’re in your twenties. Young and ambitious enterpreneurs today break this stereotype and prove that you can make a hit any age. Nick D’Alonsio, the funder of Summly started his way to success at the age of 16 and earned a fortune in 3 years!

The infographic tells 8 stories of CEOs who made fortune until they got 30. Each success road is unique and inspirational. Each story will tell you how year by year these people implemented their ideas in life until they reached success.

Check out the infographic and then answer a question: Do you still think you are too young to earn a fortune?



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Originally posted 2015-04-09 13:31:22.

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