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Some eight years after her breakout role in Juno made her one of the youngest Oscar Best Actress nominees ever, the actress is taking on a role that’s remarkably rare even today. In Freeheld (out in limited release Oct. 2), she’s playing Stacie Andree, one-half of a lesbian couple that achieved real-world repute; when Andree’s partner Laurel Hester (played by Julianne Moore) was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the pair appealed to have Hester’s police pension transferred to Andree, though marriage wasn’t an option for them. The story became a national news story about gay marital rights in the lead-up to the state-by-state battle the Supreme Court recently ended.

There are certain common characteristics traits and behavior of smart people. An infographic below attempts to list all the characteristics of smart people and tells what is that make them different.

how to increase iq Smart People habits Infographic

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