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Cleanse Your Lead Data and Route the Right Marketer to the Right Customer [Infographic]

Customer experience, starting right from first sales call to after sales service, is the new competitive differentiator compelling companies to change their mindset, reorganize their internal processes and keep costs under control. Customer-centricity is a cultural shift that starts with cleansing the lead data in order to route right marketer to the right customer – anytime – every time.

But do you know how time-consuming and depressing it is for your sales representative to call a customer who does not answer or does not exist or be it, chasing a decision maker who changed his role last week.

Research shows 70% of companies fail to manage their database. Every year 20-22% of your customer information progressively decays. Sales teams waste time in chasing leads that do not have vital information and hence in vain. How to improve the situation is in your hands? Do you know of any corrective actions?

The answer is data cleansing. Bad data or poor quality of business data is an undeniable challenge and fact, while data cleansing is the solution. Cleansing customer information helps in improving service quality and better customer experience. Empower your business to score, scale up and route the right leads. Inaccurate customer data prevents the right marketers to reach right customer.


Check out how depressing is your lead data in the following infographic.

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Originally posted 2019-05-18 13:58:11.

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