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College Football Tailgating Traditions

It’s that time of the year again, the end of summer and the beginning of college football! Check out the infographic below. We celebrate and maybe poke a little fun at some of the more exciting, coordinated, intimidating, theatric and straight bizarre college game day traditions found across the country!

It’s college football season and that means one thing: tailgating.  Fans love to congregate in the parking lot of their football stadium and share food and beverages before the game.  Some fans really do tailgating up right, though.  For example, University of South Carolina fans have special fully decked out tailgating vehicles that cater to all your tailgating needs.  Did your alma mater make the list?

Several schools have tailgaters that show up in boats, extending the party into nearby bodies of water.  University of Washington, University of Tennessee, and Texas A&M fans all “boat-gate” before their teams hit the field on game day.

If you want to rub elbows with Henry Winkler, Jake Gyllenhall, or Snoop Dogg, you will want to tailgate at the University of Southern California.  Because it’s so close to Hollywood, celebrities are more likely to show up on game day.

Clemson University has one of the most unusual game day tailgating traditions- they pay for things with two dollar bills stamped with paw prints.  Pennsylvania State University tailgaters have the dubious honor of being the rowdiest tailgating crowd.

Learn more about America’s tailgating traditions from this infographic.  Did your alma mater make the list?

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Originally posted 2015-01-27 04:40:10.

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