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Current Trends In Business Communication

For any business to succeed, it needs to communicate effectively to all parties, both internally and externally, across a series of platforms. New technologies are created and introduced on a constant basis, and it is the obligation of a business to learn how to utilize these to good effect so that it isn’t left trailing by its competitors.

This infographic by Irish Telecom highlights a few of the most important business communication trends of the present day, plus statistics on how communication has developed. For instance, 85% of employees use at least two devices for communicating at work, while 1 in 3 utilises a minimum of three devices. Also, only 1 in 20 workers would prefer a face-to-face meeting over a technological equivalent such as Skype or Go To Meeting. Indeed, generating a lead through a virtual meeting can be 50 times cheaper than obtaining the same lead in a face-to- face meeting. Among the other trends featured are the evolution of cloud-based tools, the need to be contactable by mobile outside of the office, the Internet of Things, phone number verification and interactive voice response.

We found the infographic quite interesting and revelatory. Even though the increasing importance of technology in business communications is no secret, the scale of this importance could easily be underestimated. For now, businesses need to be aware of these current trends, because in a few months’ time, they’ll be history and new trends will have emerged.

Current trends in business communicaitons

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Originally posted 2016-01-21 08:13:23.

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