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Effective Strategies For Increasing E-Commerce Conversions

While the last quarter of the year may be theseason for ecommerce shopping, it’s important to have a sound strategy year round. An infographic from digital agency Data Dial provides a wealth of psychological tips for improving your ecommerce strategy and related outcomes.

Social signals are a powerful tool for engaging users and increasing conversion rates. Reviews are powerful social signals that can leave a lasting impact, as can social media recommendations from friends. Presenting a few negative reviews can also engender trust in your brand, especially if users can see a communication chain between brand and customer that ends well.

Users love bargains, so pricing decisions are important. Numerical figures tend to get a better response than lettered pricing, and displaying the savings to the customer as they are shopping can improve conversion rates. Don’t leave prices eternally static, and be sure to offer customers a range of options as they shop so as not to close off opportunities.

Photography and video resources can make or break a sale. Video is already gaining a reputation as a highly engaging medium. When it comes to ecommerce video can also reduce the likelihood of returns because it gives customers a more realistic and almost hands-on look at the product. Hi-def photography also allows users to thoroughly inspect products before the purchase.

For more advice on closing the sale at the point of checkout, and how to entice wary customers, view the infographic below.


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Originally posted 2016-01-03 15:00:07.

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