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Explaining customer behavior: 65 statistics about ecommerce psychology

Mind games: 65 statistics about ecommerce psychology [INFOGRAPHIC]

Most online customer behaviour boils down to human psychology. In this infographic, coupon and deals site BargainFox has gathered [tweet_box design=”default”]65 proven statistics to demonstrate 20 key factors that determine a consumer behavior in e-commerce.[/tweet_box]

Based on personal experience, we all know that the speed of a website is a major determinant of the success of the site, especially e-commerce websites. Aside from the obvious factors that make people leave your website, there are numerous other things that will influence the behavior of your website shoppers.

The behaviors are always predictive in sense. [tweet_dis]The moment you understand perfectly the reason behind how and why people navigate and interact online, you can easily design and develop your e-commerce website on those principles.[/tweet_dis] In doing this, you should always consider your shipping, the impact of your website design, product reviews, checkouts, coupons and deals, payment options and security, and other key factors.

We have gathered 65 proven statistics from major research studies and business publications and presented them in this infographic to demonstrate 20 key factors that determine a consumer behavior in e-commerce.

Check out the infographic for many interesting facts:


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Originally posted 2016-02-29 07:45:02.

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