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Five mistakes to avoid when working with infographics


Scott Darrohn, chief operating officer at fishbat, discusses the power of infographics. “Online audiences are inundated with information every day. As a result, people graze content, looking for small nuggets of value. Infographics are a great way to present ideas in a way that’s quickly consumed and remembered. After all, studies show that 90 percent of what people remember is based on visual impact. However, if infographics aren’t used properly, they can fail to make an impression.”

Here are five mistakes to avoid when working with infographics:

1. Not Promoting It

No matter how valuable your infographic, no one will share it if you do not promote it. Encourage your audience to share it, and make it simple to do so by including relevant social plug-ins. Ensure it is easy for your audience to embed the infographic by including a text-area element with the code that links back to your site.

2. Ignoring the Title

The impact of the title often determines the number of people who read and share content. Infographics are no exception.

An infographic needs an effective headline to get the audience’s attention. In order to be powerful, the headline should be descriptive and attention grabbing. It should also be short and to the point so readers can scan it quickly.

3. Trusting the Numbers

Many infographics present statistics because audiences better process numbers in visual form. But to avoid giving incorrect information, check the statistics for accuracy. That includes both ensuring you get the statistics only from reliable sources and checking that your graphics match your numbers.

4. Skipping Citations

Do not craft a terrific infographic and allow it to fail. Your infographic provides relevant and valuable information, but if you do not cite your source properly, the audience will be less likely to trust it.

The source must also be recent because presenting out-of-date statistics damages your reputation. Although you can include the sources within the body of the infographic, adding the citation at the bottom works best.

5. Forgetting Logos

The visual appeal of infographics provides an opportunity to reinforce a brand. But in order to promote brand awareness effectively, the infographic must provide consistency in colors, shapes, messages and the business logo.



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Originally posted 2015-05-23 22:43:30.

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