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Here’s How Australian Workers Can Get The Most Out Of Their Annual Leave In 2016

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New year, new holiday plans.

While some of us have our annual leave systematically planned through to Christmas, others are often left with too much or too little leave come holiday season.

Global search engine, Skyscanner, recently created this infographic to give Australian workers an idea on how they can make the most of their 17 days of leave and turn it into 43 days of holiday.

It suggests heading to Tokyo in the upcoming Easter break when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, a trip to Iceland during July to soak in the famous Blue Lagoon as well as heading to New York in November to spend Thanksgiving and join the crowds of shoppers on Black Friday.

Based on the infographic, the average Australian worker can have six getaways throughout 2016 if they leverage the nine public holidays available in most Australia states.

Here’s the infographic in full below. The red are public holidays while blue are the recommended days of leave.


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Originally posted 2016-02-02 08:17:44.

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