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How Are People Really Using Snapchat

Snapchat has been growing steadily since its inception, and now it seems that the service may be on the verge of a breakthrough into wider use. But how prepared is Snapchat’s audience for the influx of celebrities and the increased marketing? An infographic from Column Five and Newscred examines how Snapchat’s audience uses the platform.

Snapchat users share nearly 9,000 Snaps every second. According to the Newscred survey, 54 percent of use the site daily, and 32 percent use the site two-to-five times a week. This engagement is a big draw to marketers, and 30 percent of them are including Snapchat in Super Bowl marketing campaigns.

However, some of the main ways these brands will attempt to reach users — with live stories, Discover content, and branded filters — are not the main reasons users keep coming back to the app. 23 percent never engage with live stories, 54 percent never view content on Discover, and 42 percent never use the branded filters in their snaps.

Additionally, Snapchat’s users aren’t interested in ads or celebrity content. 87 percent never buy the things they see in Snapchat ads, 11 percent rarely buy, and only two percent make purchases “sometimes.” 64 percent of users surveyed do not follow any celebrities on Snapchat, and 34 percent follow “a few.”

Snapchat may seem like fertile marketing ground, but despite efforts to transition to a content discovery platform, many still use the site for sharing personal content and traditional marketing strategies probably won’t work. Understanding how and why users engage with a service is important if your marketing message is to have any chance of success.

Check out the infographic below for more insights.



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Originally posted 2016-02-07 07:47:05.

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