How Do You Measure Content Marketing?

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You’re a content marketing whirlwind. Blog posts, short videos, infographics, articles, Pinterest boards… You do everything, but is everything worth doing? How do you know which pieces of content are working well for your business?

The following infographic by Brandpoint walks marketers through the process of measuring their content marketing and explains why each step is necessary.

The first step is awareness. Say you’ve created a blog post. Is it generating awareness for your business?

One way to measure content success is to see whether your business gets a higher ranking in search engine results pages, whether your website steadily gains first-time visitors, and how many Likes, tweets, and other social shares you have received.

The second step is consideration. Has your content motivated potential customers to engage more with your company? That engagement can be demonstrated by the number of articles read, comments, downloads, and social shares.

To find out how to measure consideration as well as to better understand each step, including the third (conversion), check out the following infographic:

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Originally posted 2016-04-05 13:31:23.

Made sense to you? Share it now!
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