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How LinkedIn Markets on LinkedIn

[tweet_dis]Brands looking for the most effective ways to market via LinkedIn can now follow the example of a company that knows a little something about LinkedIn: LinkedIn.[/tweet_dis]


The professional network teamed up with Column Five on an infographic containing information from new e-book The Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing, including:

  • LinkedIn A/B tested a sponsored content post–one that included a statistic, and one that did not. The post with the statistic saw a 37 percent higher click-through rate and received 162 percent more impressions.
  • Using a dynamic macro to pull a member’s name in the greeting, LinkedIn sent personal InMail messages to raise awareness about a blog and received 1,240 blog subscriptions (6 percent of total conversions).
  • When [tweet_box design=”default”]LinkedIn addressed its audience directly vs. indirectly, it saw a 185 percent higher engagement rate.[/tweet_box]

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Originally posted 2017-02-22 23:15:35.

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