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How To Create Infographics For Instagram


Do you want more engagement on Instagram? Want followers to easily remember what you share?Have you tried posting infographics?


[tweet_box design=”default”]Using infographics as part of your Instagram marketing campaigns will attract more viewers and set you apart from other brands!


[/tweet_box]In this article you’ll learn how to create infographics for Instagram.

1: Create a Video Infographic From a Series of Charts: it will interest you to know that Videos overwhelmingly beat photos on Instagram!The best way to easily create a video from an existing infographic, is to cut up the original infographic into multiple pieces. You can do this with a graphic program and then use a video editing tool to convert all of the separate images into a short video.

2: Adapt or Design a Simple Chart:  one challenge of using infographics on Instagram is that most of them are created in portrait format. Even though Instagram now permits landscape and portrait images, the viewing dimension should be optimized for mobile. An easy way to do this is to crop one chart (with a single factoid) from a complete infographic to use exclusively for a post. Otherwise, create a mini-infographic that gets one point across.

3: Turn Data Into a Quote: another easy way to convey a number in an infographic, especially a very large or important number, is to use plain text.Turn your data into a quotable text snippet by describing it in simple text. Then add it as a text overlay to one of your images. Your image of choice must represent your brand or the data itself.

4: Convert Information Into a Pictogram: Pictograms allow you to represent data using icons. They are one of the most effective visual designs for showcasingkey percentages or ratios.
The easiest way to create a pictogram is to use a tool for making infographics, many of which are available online and the process takes only a few minutes. Pictograms are perfect for Instagram, because they can be optimized for mobile viewing.

5: Construct Icon Charts: Icon charts are icons filled with two different colours to depict a certain percentage value. Unliket he typical column or bar chart, an icon chart uses an icon to illustrate both the value and the actual information. Icon Charts can be constructed using the same tools for designing pictograms.

Learning how to create info graphics for Instagram may take a while but the end results are higher engagement which will earn you more leads and conversions in the long run! Start making infographics for Instagram today!

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By Rukevwe Toka

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Originally posted 2016-02-27 01:59:55.

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