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How To Drive 10K+ Monthly Visitors To Your Website

Are you ready for internet success? Are you curious how web gurus driving thousands of visits to their blogs and websites?


Everyone knows that a great website requires great content, but it also requires traffic – the more, the better. Yet driving visitors to a website is a frequent problem for thousands and thousands of floundering sites out there. Fear not! WhoIsHostingThis has put together a checklist to help site owners build their sites the right way, right from the start and to grow their traffic to 10,000+ visitors per month.

[tweet_box design=”box_05″]This infographic outlines the basic process and useful tips on how to grow from zero to 10k visitors per month.

The infographic checklist (see bottom) will help you focus on building your website’s audience the right way, from the start. You’ll be on your way to 10,000+ monthly visits in no time!


The beginner’s guide to get 10K+ monthly blog views


Choosing your niche

Is there traffic potential?
Use keyword tools to check monthly search volume of your topic.
Search multiple niche (with synonyms).
Low search volume often indicates low traffic potential.

Is it profitable?
Are people buying/using products and services?
Can your product or service fit in the demographic?

Is there a lot of competition?
Search keywords in your niche to see:
Who is ranking, what is ranking, types of content.
Pay attention to URL structure.
Short descriptive URLs help: Users see what to expect from the page, search engines better understand what a page is about.

Evaluate the competition
Use backlinks checking tool to get closer look at the links to the competition.
Good tools to use include: Open Site Explorer – Ahrefs – Majestic SEO.

Do you have an angle?
Creating a unique angle allows you to carve your place in the niche.
How can you fill the competition’s void?
What is your competition doing well, that you could do better?
Is your competition lacking features you can add?

Does it have potential?
Use Google Trends to gauge the interest in a niche.
If it’s going up steadily there’s potential.
If it’s going down, the window for potential is closing.


Selecting your domain

Is it brand-able?
Is it Short and memorable?
Is it a .com?
Are you marketing in a specific country?

Keyword research

Are you optimizing for traffic?
Do you have a clear idea of searcher intent?
Are you optimizing for conversion?


Are you using analytics software?
Are you using multiple tools?
Are you using the data to make improvements?

Social Media

Do you have a social media presence?
Are your posts well timed?
Are you actively building your fan base?
Is your content easy for readers to share?

Growth hacking

Do you have an inbound-marketing strategy?
Are you actively building content that people will share?


Are your main “money” pages built to convert?
Are you building a community?

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