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How to Find Out What Type of Relationships You Are in?

If you have just entered the new relationships and cannot really figure out what type you are in or going into, this post is just for you and like an effective tip will prompt you if you still doubt anything. Here is some ideas and statistical data to support them presented in the form of interesting infographics.

Check it out below. It includes relationship types, statistics, interesting facts about men and women and other useful information for you and your partner:

How to Find Out What Type of Relationships You Are in? - infographic by Kovla

Relationship Types

Most people get used to divide the relationship types into those of casual, pre-marriage relations and more serious marriage relationships that traditionally and logically are supposed to lead to the marriage.

  • Casual relations presuppose having nice time together, flirting and sexing, having fun in general. Both partners are not interested in marriage yet and do not discuss it. This is kind a light, simple and convenient way to date. When you are in casual dating you are just one of the partners and do not claim for more. You can be called friends or friends with benefits, whatever, have a status of a couple in social networks, have occasional messaging and meeting when you have time for that, etc. Your inclusion is usually more likely to be based on sexual desire or available hookup experience. The peculiarity is that you will not miss the partner if you decide to move on, you do not have to commit either.
  • Pre-marriage type. Such relations already have a certain status and a full potential to become long term. You call each other a boyfriend and a girlfriend and have a desire to introduce each other to friends, etc. You are stable and prefer each other to the other potential partners. Such relationships have a long term prospect and logically lead to thinking of marriage. You spend and dedicate much more time to your half.
  • Marriage status. All other relationships go into the past alongside the partners, either potential or current. You will not think twice before deleting all the numbers from the phone or breaking relations with the other otherwise. You will be introduced to the friends circle and parents as ‘the one.’ Settling down and starting a family is in question. You call each other often enough, text or meet all the time. You spend the most of your lifetime together without even notice. You are excited about that fact, and indeed do not regret anything.

A Bit of Statistics

Among the people surveyed, 23 percent have met each other online, 22 percent through friends and 55 percent by means of the other ways which shows that online dating has gained much popularity of late.

The average length of engagement, however is about 18,5 months with those who met online and up to 42 months — offline daters. 17 percent of couples who got married last year met online.

People are more likely to meet, make friends and start dating through the following ways:

  • Old friendship
  • At work
  • Online
  • Other events.

Interesting Facts About Women and Men

  • Men are less talkative, it’s true. They say about 2000 words per day, whereas women are really verbose and use up to 7000 words per day.
  • Women spend up to 2 years of the whole lifetime looking into the mirror. Men do the same only for 6 months.
  • Another interesting fact is that men are extremely attracted to girls wearing red on dates. In turn women are more attracted to men in blue.
  • It takes only 15 minutes to decide if a man wants the second date with a woman.
  • Girls are pickier and decide the same after about an hour.
  • Averagely men fall in love after the 3d date.
  • Women fall in love after 14 dates.
  • 38 percent of men resort to saying ‘I love you’ to get sex.
  • 48 percent of girls say the same, but do not mean that.
  • In terms of marriage vows the most difficult for 27 percent of men is ‘being faithful’.
  • For 32 percent of women the hardest issue is ‘for better or worse.’

Relationship Checklist

For 77 percent of women trust is a critical relationship aspect, when it’s only for 63 percent of men. Respect is important for 84 percent of women, and 57 percent of men.

Having and sharing the same values is critical to 47 percent of women and with 40 percent of men. Sense of humor of the partner is more important for women — it’s 58 percent, and only 37 percent of the men. 46 percent of women find it important for the partner to be sociable, though it’s less important for the men — only 36 percent admit it is.

When to Have Sex?

Averagely 35 percent of men agree that the third date is the perfect time for the first sex. However, 40 percent of women are more likely to wait 1-3 months before jumping into bed.


Now it will be easier for you to define what type of relationships you are in or going into together with your partner based on the following ideas and statistical data provided to support the information.

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